About Us

SAT/PSAT Prep School

We are one of the most affordable tutoring services in the area, but we hire teachers who have at least 10 years’ experience in the classroom, and hold advanced degrees (Masters and above). We do not hire current college students as do so many other “fancy” tutoring services. We shy away from “rote learning,” and stress critical thinking and reading skills to help your child learn how to learn in order to prepare him or her for the world of the ever-changing future.

About Our Teachers

Mrs. Beridze has extensive experience in teaching Intermediate and Higher Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus I (Differential Calculus), Calculus II (Integral Calculus) and Calculus III (Sequences, Series, Polar Coordinates, Basic Differential Equations and Basic Vector Operations. Mrs. Beridze holds a PhD of Science and NJ Math Teacher Certification.


Our vision is to develop young men and women with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. We stress the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical. Starting after school program requires hard work and commitment. A critical initial step in the process is to build a strong, shared sense of purpose, mission, or vision. Although the conceptualization, writing, and revision of a vision statement can be laborious, that statement will be one of the most important documents in the school. You will agree that the single most important attribute of the successful after school is a clear sense of purpose or mission shared by parents, students, staff and community. Parents, school employees, and students will scrutinize, reference, and utilize the vision statement, especially in the school's first year. Indeed, most after school program include a vision statement in their marketing materials and web site. It explains to the rest of the world the intended purpose and standards for the school. And since a school’s purpose is likely to change, the process of re-writing a mission or vision statement may help the school regain clarity about where it is headed or help to build consensus among new members of the community.